Do you like highly scented candles? Ever wish you could enjoy the same lovely aromas that scented candles offer without having to deal with the smoke, open flame or soot? Using electric Scentsy candle warmers to melt highly scented wax bars you can achieve the same great sensory experience that you get from burning traditional scented wickless candles.


Scentsy is now more then warmers and wax . Scentsy has a full body line, children’s buddy line , Diffuser’s and oils and much much more !

Scentsy candles are:  

● Wick-less, smokeless, flameless and soot-less and highly scented. 

Without a flame Scentsy candles are a great alternative to traditional candles. There's no need to worry about pets or children burning theirselves. 

There's over 80 exclusive fragrances to choose from and each product range uses many of these scents. 

With over 47 different candle warmer styles to choose from and new styles added every month your bound to found something you love! 

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What is Scentsy?